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At Patriot Fence, customer satisfaction is our highest goal! That is why any wood fence, iron fence, chain link fence, or any other fences we build in Austin are of top quality materials and craftsmanship.

How Deep Should I set my Fence Posts?

We often get the question before we install a fence "How deep will the posts be set?" Our response varies depending on the ground. In situations where the ground is majority soil or clay our recommendation is two feet deep for a six foot tall fence wood, iron or chain link. Ground that is very heavy in limestone or flint rock we recommend sixteen to eighteen inches. We recommend setting all posts in concrete for longevity and strength in all fences. A post is always more sturdy in rock and at the same time much harder to dig.

Fence Companies in Austin TX

Austin is very lucky to have a competitive market full of skilled fence companies who are eager to work and please clients. So why choose Patriot Fence Company? Because we are honest, hard working, and our online reputation speaks for itself. We won the Angie's List Super Service Award for the last three years. Call us to schedule an appointment and we will book an appointment on the spot.

Confusion on Wood Privacy Fence

After discussing wood privacy fencing with countless clients in Austin, Texas, we would like to elaborate on common questions that we encounter. First I would like to discuss some details about Western Red Cedar Pickets. It is important as a consumer to know what grade of Western Red Cedar Pickets you are using on your wood fence. There are three grades of Western Red Cedar used in fence installation. Grade #1 is top grade or select pickets. Grade # 1 pickets are known as having no knot holes or blemishes and being best of all grades. Grade #2 is the most common grade of fencing used by Patriot Fence Company. Grade # 2 wood is known for its good looks, knot holes usually less than 1 1/4" thick, and a reasonable price. Grade #3 pickets are what are left over with natural defects, knot holes that have fallen out and of any size. These pickets are the least expensive and still get the job done. We recommend that Cedar Wood Privacy Fences be weatherproofed at least once a year to maintain their luster and prevent water rot. For many rental properties and clients that need wood that is extra resistant to decay, termites, and water rot is treated Pine Pickets. The least expensive of outdoor rated pickets treated pine is pre treated with a copper based preservative which makes it the longest lasting wood out of the two. The disadvantage of using treated pine products is that it naturally warps. All of these boards are recommended to be fastened with Hot Dipped Galvanized Ring Shanked Nails or Deck Screws.

Fence Companies Austin Texas

Fences are a necessity for several reasons whether it is for privacy, keeping animals in your yard or farming area, or for security purposes. But once you have decided that you need fencing, what has to be done to make it happen? Taking on a Do-it-Yourself fencing project can be troublesome and difficult, especially if you are a novice. The materials alone could cost you more than expected and the work involved could leave you wanting to finish up the half-way completed fence another day. That's why you need to go with Patriot Fence, the best fence company in Austin. Why should you choose Patriot Fence for your fencing needs? Because they strive for customer satisfaction. They can custom make any fence or deck to compliment any home or landscape while always keeping your needs in mind. Customer satisfaction is also put first by using top quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Patriot Fence offers several fencing and deck needs. Wood fences are the more popular choice when it comes to fencing needs as they are a versatile option. They are tough and sturdy and can withstand temperature changes, climate changes and harsh weather. Wood fences can keep potentially dangerous people out while keeping your children or pets safely in your yard. Plus, wood compliments your yard and landscape with a natural look and endless customization options. Don't need a wood fence? Patriot Fence, a superior fence builder in Austin, has many other options to fit your needs. Ornamental Iron fences have a beautiful look and they come in many designs to let you have the greatest appeal. Customized Iron Gates are also available to add appeal to your home or building. Chain link fences have several purposes and it is made from top quality steel and craftsmanship. Patriot fence uses a style of galvanization called Galvanized after Weaving and it ensures that the points at which the fence is cut do not rust. Being the best fence contractor in Austin, Patriot Fence also specializes in farm and ranch fencing. They have installed numerous barbed, game, and goat wire, horse fences, and bull and hog panel fences. They have vast experience with ranches and farms and horse stables. Even if you do not require any type of fence, Patriot Fence also offers deck services. Their decks are hand crafted and customized to compliment your house and yard while adding value to your property. Patriot Fence is ranked among the top fence companies in Austin, winning the Super Service Award in the category of fences in 2010 from Angie's List and we are very proud to announce we won the award again for 2011. Even if you do not live in Austin directly, you can still benefit from their services. Patriot Fence provides their quality work for the surrounding areas of Austin including Cedar Park, Round Rock, Lakeway,, Buda/Kyle, and Dripping Springs. Rather than trying to build a fence yourself that can become expensive and too much work or going with an inferior company, choose Patriot Fence for any of your fencing projects. We value customer service as a top priority and deliver superior work. To get started, we even offer a free quote to let you know what type of budget you are going to expect.

Announcement Concerning Fence Installation and Fence Repair in Austin Texas.


A highly discussed issue in fencing is the type of posts that should be used for wood fencing. Our opinion here at Patriot Fence Company may differ from other fence builders because the simple fact that they are wrong. Just kidding, however I would like to begin with the introduction of the three main posts used for wood fences in Austin Texas. First is in our opinion the top of the line and best post which is the Galvanized steel post. Many variations exist of galvanized steel posts from round to square, from large to small, thick steel schedule 40 commercial grade to residential schedule 20. Regardless of options offered our most commonly used steel post used is a 2 3/8" diameter galvanized schedule 20 post set from 18 to 24 inches in the ground in concrete. This galvanized steel post can be expected to last probably longer than our lifespans and you will probably move before you have to replace it. The reason for variation in depth depends on the rockiness of the earth in your specific area and a good rule of thumb is the more dirt you have, the deeper you should go. Secondly our most commonly used and probably our most recommended post is a treated pine 4 x 4 post for any type of wood fence or deck. There will always be a few treated posts that will have some warping and cracking as a natural occurrence in the wood. Despite the drawback the installation of this post on most wood fences is recommended because of its low price, extended lifespan from 15 to 25 years, a treatment which is pressurized into the wood to prevent wrought from insects, fungi, and mildew. These posts are not recommended for every wood privacy fence in Austin TX, however we feel it is the best choice for most of them. Furthermore another commonly used post that ourselves and other fence companies in Austin use are Western Red Cedar 4 x 4 Posts. These posts come in both rough cut and smooth cut depending on your supplier. Advantages of using a cedar 4 x 4 over other posts are; it is not chemical treated, it has little to no warping and cracking, and the attractive uniform look to match a western red cedar fence. Someone who plans on using a cedar post should know and beware that this post should not be used in high moisture and high humidity environments. For example in direct path of water runoff, under decks and porches and other high moisture environments. Finally last and I should say "least" the dreaded landscape timber which is used as a fence post. Should I say this post is not a horrible choice, just the worst out of the commonly used posts in Austin Texas. Advantage of the post is that it is cheap, disadvantages is they commonly break in wind storms and are very susceptible to water rot. Fence contractors use these posts mainly in large developments to save money, however we would probably recommend against it. In conclusion, fence companies and fence contractors have many decisions to make concerning installation of a wood privacy fence. We hope this article helps when you build your own.


If you are contemplating selecting a expert fence contractor or fence company, there are few queries you'll want to request just before getting started on any fence construction project. Here are the top rated 5 queries to question your fence company or contractor. 1) Inquire if a deposit is required - Reliable fence builders and deck builders will consider request a customer for a deposit to start a fence or deck job. However when making a deposit one must make sure to have a signed contract with the company which lists the deposit. Also, we recommend if paying in cash to get a cash receipt. Secondly we must stress the point that on a large job above $1,500 a client should not make a deposit more than 50%. 2) Ask about insurance and licenses - Employing a "handyman" to develop a fence or deck may expense a small less up front, but there are several dangers involved if they don't have the appropriate license or insurance coverage. If somebody will get hurt in the course of construction for illustration, you could be responsible by way of your property owners insurance. Fence builders generally never need to get permits, but deck builders usually do - so this will typically be a dilemma for inexperienced deck contractors. Skilled fence and deck contractors will constantly carry sufficient insurance and the proper knowledge of when a permit is needed. 3) Question about additional costs - At times you will receive an "estimate" from a fence company or a deck contractor as a substitute of a "quotation". Frequently occasions a contractor will include extra fees along the way that could or might not be confirmed with the homeowner first. If you have previously dedicated to the project with a specific fence contractor or deck builder, it can be tougher to contest any further fees alongside the way. Fence and deck assignments normally have tiny or no cost alterations along the way, so make positive that you are getting a value "quotation" in producing that will signify the last bill for the undertaking as described. 4) Inquire your deck or fence builder if they use screws or nails - Though most wooden deck contractors these days are only employing screws in their development, some companies are nevertheless utilizing nails! Making use of nails is faster than screwing, but of training course it's fairly common understanding these days that nails will fail a lot shortly than screws in the identical applications. Proper fence builders often use nails when they are hot dipped galvanized and are ring shanked. You are going to want to make sure that you are selecting a company that is employing only outside screws that are accredited for use in the materials becoming used (typically pressure treated of lumber). 5) Inquire about a warranty - A trustworthy builder really should supply a warranty on the workmanship of the completed challenge. The substance warranty, if applicable really should also be handed alongside to the house owner and will vary in terms and size. The labor warranty should be at minimum one year to enable for total coverage to all 4 seasons a few of occasions - this will expose any workmanship issues that would need to be addressed. Also, contemplate that a guarantee for work carried out is only valuable if the business remains in organization - a warranty from a really small company is normally really worth much a lot less than a guarantee from a respected company.


Whether it be wood, iron, or chain link, Patriot Fence specializes in all types of fencing. So many big fence companies in our market do not take small customers or fence repair seriously, thus many of our customers that call are surprised to find we also do small jobs, fence repairs, deck repairs, and fence staining and weatherproofing. Furthermore, Patriot Fence in Austin DOES NOT have a minimum charge for small fence installation. We are the fence company who takes the headache out of fence repair.

Areas Where Patriot Fence Company provides Installation and Repair of Wood Fence, Iron Fence, and Chain Link Fence
We Provide ourselves in being a fence company that is ranked among the top fence companies in all of the Austin. We strive for customer satisfaction in all of our fence projects. We like to be considered the innovative company for fencing in all of the areas listed below.

  • Austin
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  • Round Rock
  • Lakeway
  • Buda
  • Kyle
  • Dripping Springs
  • Pflugerville (West of 130)

Austin Fence Contractors

We sometimes feel that the Austin, Texas market is one of the most competitive places for fencing contractors in the United States. Here at Patriot Fence Company we work hard to maintain loyal clientele, be honest and hardworking to gain new clients, and always on the lookout for new opportunities to build fences for new clients. We stress to our builders and consultants that our customer services and reputation are of the utmost importance and we are willing to sacrifice time, hard work and profit to show that. We also ask that our customers realize that we are still human and we make mistakes. Please note that what a fence contractor does in response to the mistake is what makes a good fence contractor. Through our online reputation, great ratings, and awards we strive to be the top fence contractor and fence builder in all of the world. We will achieve our goals by constant improvement and taking the job one fence at a time.

Wood Fence Austin Texas

A wood fence is the most common type of fence found in Austin, Texas. Being that Patriot Fence Company is in Austin, Texas, installation of wood privacy fence is our largest service provided to our fence clients. From Wood fence installation to wood fence repair and wood post replacement Patriot Fence company is the leader in the fence market in Austin Texas. We offer 2 main types of wood in our fencing in Austin, Texas. The most common and most beautiful of the two is Western Red Cedar wood. Western Red Cedar is known for its beautiful natural redish brown and orange tinting and its natural resistance to Insects, mold and rotting which are natural factors that effect the longevity of a wood fence in Austin Texas. Our second standard wood fence material is Treated pine wood fence. Treated pine us unique in its treatment that it receives before leaving the factory. This treatment is done to maximize the life and longevity of wood fences and decks making it the longest lasting wood out of the two. The disadvantage of treated pine wood fence is it is prone to warping and cracking which effects the cosmetic aspects of the fence. Out of the two treated pine wood fence is generally about 1 to 3 dollars less expensive than cedar wood fence depending on grade of wood and time of year. Different clients select different woods depending on their needs, styles and budgets please contact us for further information. We use posts of all types to build and support our privacy fences and decks, our most commonly used fence post is a treated pine 4 x 4 post. A treated pine 4 x 4 is the longest lasting standard wood post and can be expected to last around 15 to 20 years, however it can be expected from a treated pine post a minimal amount of cracking, bowing and warping normally associated with treated pine wood privacy fence. We Recently had a customer that was at a stand still on their wood privacy fence in Round Rock about what material to use. After being informed facts about the wood options, the customer was quick to choose the right material for them, another reason why we are the top fence contractor in Austin.

We take pride in every fence we build, so we have no problem leaving our name to show true quality.

If your looking for a fence company that will stand behind its products, then look to Patriot Fence Company.

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There are zonal regulations in North America and among the regulations involve the use of fences in subdivisions and commercial properties. There are two purposes of fencing- one is to mainly safeguard the safety of the owner and Fence Company alike.